Eligibility Information

Lewiston High School
Eligibility Information

 In order to be eligible for participation in interscholastic/extra-curricular competition, all students are subject to the Maine Principals’ Association eligibility rule (Appendix H).  Additionally, Lewiston High School has established its own eligibility policy. 

 The main purpose of the programs at Lewiston High School is to insist on continued academic growth for all students.  Therefore, Lewiston High School requires a minimum level of academic success as a standard for participation in extra-curricular activities.  The focus of the eligibility policy is to set a clear standard that supports adequate yearly progress towards graduation and establishes the need for responsible academic progress throughout the school year.

 There are two levels of eligibility at Lewiston High School; initial eligibility and continuing eligibility.

 In order to establish initial eligibility, the student must have:

1)      Successfully passed the set number of minimum number of courses (please see the below information): 

a) Fall Athletics – initial eligibility based on 4th quarter grades in the previous school year & summer school grades:

a)  1st Year Students (Freshmen):                                            Promoted/Assigned from 8th Grade

b)  2nd Year Students (Sophomores):                                      Must be passing in 5 courses

c)   3rd and 4th Year Students(Juniors & Seniors):                  Must be passing in 6 courses 

b) Winter Athletics – initial eligibility based on 1st quarter grades (Nov. 5th Date)

      i) Freshmen:                                                                 Must pass 5 courses

      ii) Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors:                             Must pass 6 courses 

c) Spring Athletics – initial eligibility based on 3rd quarter grades (April 7th Date)

      i) Freshmen:                                                                 Must pass 5 courses

      ii) Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors:                             Must pass 6 courses 

2)      Be on track for graduation, as established below:

a)      2nd Year (To be a Sophomore):                          5 Total Credits

b)      3rd Year (To be a Junior):                                  10 Total Credits

c)      4th Year (To be a Senior):                                  16 Total Credits


These standards must be met prior to a student participating, trying out, or competing on any Lewiston High School extra-curricular activity.  Students who do not meet these initial eligibility standards are ineligible for the entire season and may return to athletics the following season once initial eligibility is met.  Summer School courses and other courses approved by the Principal may be used to meet these requirements.

Once initial eligibility has been cleared, in order to remain eligible the students must meet the minimum eligibility standard established by Lewiston High School on the date of the eligibility checks (approximately half way through the participation season):

            Minimum Eligibility Standard:

                        Freshmen:                                                        Must be passing 5 courses

                        Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors:                     Must be passing 6 courses

            Eligibility Check Dates: (2019-2020 School Year)

                                                            Eligibility Check Date           Ineligibility Start Date

Fall Season:                Tuesday, Oct. 1st                    Monday, Oct. 7th   

Winter Season:          Tuesday, Jan. 28th                  Monday, Feb. 3rd 

Spring Season:           Tuesday, May 12th                  Monday, May 18th


Eligibility will always be checked on a Tuesday.  On the date of eligibility checks, any student not passing the prescribed number of courses required by the eligibility policy will have until Friday at 3 pm of that week to correct any failing courses and update their eligibility status. 

Students who fail to correct their eligibility status will become ineligible on the following Monday.  Ineligible students will be given another 5 schools days to update their eligibility status.   Those students who are still ineligible at 3 pm on Friday will be ineligible for the remainder of the season.

 Students who are able to remediate their academic performance are able to return to their teams immediately once they are passing the minimum number of courses.

CREDIT INCENTIVE:  Any student (Sophomore - Senior) that starts a season with 3 or more credits over the minimum number of credit to be considered on track for graduation as established earlier in this policy will only need to pass 5 courses at the continuing eligibility check midway through a season.

This is a summation of Lewiston School Department Policy – please see policy code JJI-R1 for a complete explanation of the Lewiston High School Eligibility Policy.  FLEX does not count as a passing course in regards to eligibility.

Lewiston High School

Summary of Important Eligibility Dates:
    a) Initial Fall Eligibility:                                 Aug. 14th
*Based on 4th Quarter Grades of the Previous School Year and Summer School Grades
    b) Fall Eligibility Check:                           Oct. 1st
            *Based on 1st quarter progress report grades

2019-2020 WINTER SEASON:
    a) Initial Winter Eligibility Check:               Nov. 5th
            *Based on 1st quarter grades
    b) Winter Eligibility Check:                     Jan. 28th
            *Based on 2nd Quarter Final Grades

    a) Spring Initial Eligibility Check:                             April 7th
            *Based on 3rd Quarter Final Grades 
    b) Spring Eligibility Check:                                        May 12th
            *Based on 4th quarter progress grades      

 REMINDER:   FLEX does not count as a passing course when it comes to determining eligibility.

Please contact Jason Fuller with any questions pertaining to these dates & the eligibility policy at 795-4190, ext. 2211