2018-2019 WINTER Schedule & Results

Lewiston High School

(All schedules are subject to change)

Varsity & JV Girls Basketball:
Dec. 7Friat BangorLoss 57-35Loss 40-31
Dec. 11TueEdward LittleLoss 52-45Loss 48-30
Dec. 14Friat DeeringLoss 42-35Loss 51-31
Dec. 18TueBrunswickLoss 61-47Loss 47-26
Dec. 21Friat CheverusWin 44-38Loss 49-26
Dec. 29SatThornton Acad.Win 48-38Win 43-41
Jan. 2WedMt. BlueWin 47-37Loss 28-27
Jan. 4Friat NobleLoss 55-41Loss 38-28
 Jan. 7 Mon at Oxford HillsLoss 77-35Loss 58-31
Jan. 8Tueat Oxford HillsCancelledCancelled
Jan. 12SatGorhamLoss 67-45Loss 56-22 
Jan. 15TuePortlandLoss 60-42Loss 35-26
Jan. 18FriBangorLoss 52-40Loss 42-36
Jan. 21Monat WindhamLoss 44-40Loss 54-23
Jan. 24Thuat Edward LittleLoss 51-28Win 47-36
Jan. 29TueScarboroughLoss 44-26Loss 49-46
Jan. 31Thuat Mt. AraratLoss 55-46Win 41-33
Feb. 2SatOxford HillsLoss 67-21Loss 54-26
Feb. 7Thuat LeavittWin 47-27Cancelled
Feb. 12TueQuarterfinals at Oxford HillsLoss 77-26

Varsity & JV Boys Basketball:
Dec. 7FriBangorLoss 83-60
Win 65-47
Dec. 10Monat Edward LittleLoss 75-56Loss 68-65
Dec. 14FriDeeringLoss 80-57Win 57-56
Dec. 18Tueat BrunswickWin 63-61Win 55-43
Dec. 21FriCheverusLoss 74-43Win 68-62
Jan. 2Wedat Mt. BlueWin 80-64Win 61-34
Jan. 4FriNobleLoss 62-56, OTWin 63-47
 Jan. 7 Mon Oxford HillsLoss 68-53Win 48-46
Jan. 8TueOxford HillsCancelledCancelled
Jan. 12Satat GorhamLoss 62-44Loss 57-50
Jan. 15Tueat PortlandLoss 68-53 Loss 46-24
Jan. 18Friat BangorLoss 74-54Win 52-50
Jan. 21MonWindhamLoss 44-37Win 49-30
Jan. 23Wedat Thornton Acad.Loss 72-41Win 45-43
Jan. 25FriEdward LittleLoss 78-62Loss 55-43
Jan. 29Tueat ScarboroughLoss 69-56Loss 50-47
Jan. 31ThuMt. AraratWin 56-49Win 78-58
Feb. 1Friat Oxford HillsLoss 73-62Loss 53-27
Feb. 7ThuLeavittLoss 81-45Win 69-28
Feb. 12TueQuarterfinals at BangorLoss 68-36-------

Freshman Boys Basketball:
Dec. 4Tuesat BiddefordLoss 41-29
Dec. 7FriBangorLoss 64-57
Dec. 10Monat Edward LittleLoss 49-28
Dec. 14FriDeeringWin 55-44
Dec. 18Tueat BrunswickLoss 49-29
Dec. 21FriCheverusWin 57-39
Jan. 2Wedat Mt. BlueWin 39-19
Jan. 4FriNobleWin 67-58
 Jan. 7 Mon Oxford Hills Loss 49-39
Jan. 8TueOxford HillsCancelled
Jan. 12Satat GorhamLoss 50-44
Jan. 15Tueat PortlandLoss 54-44
Jan. 18Friat BangorWin 63-61
Jan. 21MonWindhamWin 44-39
Jan. 23Wedat Thornton Acad.Loss 66-28
Jan. 25FriEdward LittleLoss 55-43
Jan. 29Tueat ScarboroughLoss 43-36
Jan. 31ThuMt. AraratWin 49-42
Feb. 1Friat Oxford HillsLoss 45-36
Feb. 7ThuOxford HillsLoss 58-27

Unified Basketball:
Jan. 24Thuat Edward LittleWin 64 - 34
Jan. 29TuePolandWin 68 - 32
Feb. 1Friat LisbonWin 41 - 25
Feb. 5Tueat Oxford HillsWin 54 - 32
Feb. 8FriBrunswickWin 57- 43
Feb. 11MonLeavittWin 63 - 40
Feb. 14Thuat Oak HillCANCELLED
Feb. 26TueEdward Little3:30 PM
 Feb. 27 Wed at Oak Hill 3:30 pm
Mar. 5TuePrelimTBD
Mar. 7ThuQuarterfinalsTBD
Mar. 12TueSemifinalsTBD
Mar. 14ThuRegional FinalsTBD
Mar. 19TueStatesTBD

Competition Cheering:
Jan. 5SatMCCA Showcase1st Place*
Jan. 21MonKVAC Championship1st Place
Jan. 26SatRegionals2nd Place
Feb. 2SatCheers-HeartDNP
Feb. 9SatState Championship3rd Place

Girls Ice Hockey:
Nov. 24Satat GreelyWin 11-1----
Nov. 28WedMt. AraratWin 11-0
Dec. 1Satat Cape/SP/WaynWin 6-1
Dec. 8Satat WinslowWin 9-1
Dec. 12WedScaboroughWin 2-0
Dec. 15Satat CheverusWin 3-2
Dec. 19WedPortlandWin 9-3
Dec. 22Satat St. Dom'sWin 7-1
Dec. 29SatYarmouthWin 10-0
Jan. 1TueEdward LittleWin 3-0Cancelled
Jan. 5SatCheverusWin 1-0
Jan. 8Tueat BrunswickCANCELLED & Moved to Jan. 12th
 Jan. 12 Sat at BrunswickWin 8-0 
Jan. 16Wedat PortlandWin 10-2
Jan. 19Satat ScarboroughWin 4-0
Jan. 23Wedat Edward LittleWin 2-0Win 5-2
Jan. 26SatSt. Dom'sWin 2-0
Jan. 30WedGreelyWin 8-0
Feb. 2SatCape/SP/WaynWin 7-1
Feb. 4MonKVAC's vs. Red HornetsWin 7-0-----
 Feb. 9  SatSemifinals vs. Yarmouth/Freeport  Win 8-0 
Feb. 13WedReg. Finals vs. St. Dom'sCancelled-----
 Feb. 14 Thur Regional Finals vs. St. Dom'sWin 5-3 
Feb. 16SatState Championship vs. Cheverus/Kenn/OOBLoss 2-1

Boys Ice Hockey:
    Varsity JV
Dec. 11TueGorham-----Win 9-0
Dec. 12WedConyWin 6-2-----
Dec. 15Satat CheverusWin 10-1-----
Dec. 17Monat Pol/NG/OH/Lea-----Win 4-0
Dec. 19WedThornton Acad.Win 4-3-----
Dec. 22Satat St. Dom'sWin 3-2-----
Dec. 26Wedat SD TourneyWin 5-1-----
Dec. 28Friat SD TourneyLoss 4-3 (OT)-----
Dec. 29SatBrewer-----Win 9-0
Jan. 1TueEdward LittleWin 3-1Cancelled
Jan. 4FriNYA-----Win 3-1
Jan. 5SatCheverusWin 8-1-----
Jan. 8Tueat FalmouthWin 5-0-----
Jan. 9WedKents Hill-----CANCELLED
Jan. 10Thuat PortlandWin 4-0-----
Jan. 12SatMt. AraratWin 5-2-----
Jan. 14MonScarborough-----Win 9-1
Jan. 16Wedat BangorWin 5-2-----
Jan. 22Tuevs. Thornton Acad-----Win 3-0
Jan. 23Wedat Edward LittleWin 4-3Win 5-2
Jan. 26SatSt. Dom'sWin 3-2, OT-----
Jan. 30WedGreelyWin 6-3-----
Feb. 1Friat NYA-----
Feb. 2Satat Thornton Acad.Loss 3-2, OT-----
Feb. 6WedS.PortlandLoss 5-1Win 12-0
Feb. 9SatBangorWin 3-2Win 9-0
Feb. 13Wedat Hebron Acad.-----CANCELLED
Feb. 16Satat BiddefordWin 5-1-----
Feb. 20WedFalmouth8:00 PM-----
Feb. 22FriKVAC's at Colby College vs. Kennebec11:00 am-----
Feb. 26TueQuarterfinalsCANCELLED-----
Mar. 2SatSemifinalsColisee-----
Mar. 5TueReg. FinalsColisee-----
Mar. 9SatState Champ.Colisee6:00 PM

Boys & Girls Swimming:
Dec. 7FriErskine Acad.Boys:  Win 104-46, Girls:  Win 100-30
Dec. 14FriConyBoys:  Win 82-81, Girls:  Loss 97-69
Dec. 21Friat Camden HillsBoys: Loss 89-73, Girls: Loss 101-66
Jan. 4FriMessalonskeeBoys:  Win 90-73, Girls:  Win 86-81
Jan. 8Tueat Mt. AraratBoys: Win 87.5, Girls: Win 89-74
Jan. 11Friat MorseBoys:  Loss 96-73 Girls: Loss 103-64
Jan. 15Tueat BrunswickBoys:  Win 94-73, Girls: Win 88-75
Jan. 25FriHydeBoys: Win 112-44, Girls:  Win 116-24
Jan. 30WedEdward LittleBoys:  Win 89-46, Girls:  Win 97-61
Feb. 9SatKVAC'sBoys:  , Girls: 2nd Place
Feb. 18MonBoys State Championship
Feb. 19TueGirls State Championship4th Place

Boys & Girls Indoor Track:
Dec. 8SatKVAC MeetA - ColbyBoys:  1st Place, Girls: 5th Place
Dec. 14FriKVAC MeetA - BowdoinBoys: 1st Place, Girls: 3rd Place
Dec. 21FriKVAC MeetA - ColbyBoys:  1st Place, Girls: 2nd Place
Dec. 29SatKVAC MeetA - BowdoinBoys:  2nd Place, Girls:  3rd Place
Jan. 4FriKVAC MeetA - BowdoinBoys: 2nd Place, Girls: 2nd Place
Jan. 17ThuKVAC MeetA - USMBoys:   1st Place, Girls:  1st Place
Feb. 9SatKVAC'sA - BowdoinBoys:  2nd Place, Girls:  5th Place
Feb. 18MonStatesA - USM12:00 PM